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Joining HOTASC
  Welcome to the Heart of Texas Australian Shepherd Club home page. We are an affiliate of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). Please look around the site using the buttons at the left . We have a lot going on -- enjoy your visit.

History of Heart of Texas

The Heart of Texas Australian Shepherd Club (HOTASC) was founded in 1991 in Ft. Worth Texas with just enough members to form an ASCA club. The club was brought together after the local club (North Texas ASC) became a United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA) Club affiliated with the AKC. At that time the HOTASC focused on conformation but through the years we have grown into an organization with many goals and a large membership that is active in all areas of competition.


To welcome new members.

Currently HOTASC has about fifty members. Members of the club encourage anyone who loves Aussies to join us. We hold meetings about two or three times a year, often times during a scheduled club event so that it is convenient for members to attend. The most important (and most fun) meeting of the year is our year end meeting when numerous well-deserved awards are distributed.

To educate on all aspects of the Australian Shepherd.

As an ASCA affiliate the HOTASC is required to hold at least one educational event each year. Members of the club have worked hard to be sure that many different areas have been considered in these educational events which have included:

  • C.A. Sharp seminar on the genetics of the Aussie
  • Stock dog clinics
  • Seminar on canine structure and movement
  • Workshops on the ASCA breed standard
  • Handling clinic, including Jr clinics

To serve the needs of the club members.

The HOTASC also tries to schedule regular clinics to meet the needs of its members that include:

  • Eye examination clinics with a certified ACVO vet.
  • Tatoo and microchipping clinics.

To support and encourage members to participate in various competitions.

HOTASC holds about four weekends of conformation and obedience shows a year. We also try to hire at least one Aussie Breeder Judge for a show weekend. Most of the time exhibitors can expect a major win in conformation competition. The obedience trials are always very competitive. Many times the club is able to hire an Aussie Breeder judge to judge obedience too.

The HOTASC also holds about two to three weekends of agility trials a year. At our last extremely successful trial we had over our limit on runs and had to hire extra judge's help.

Our club also works cooperatively with other regional clubs like the Southwest Working Australian Shepherd Association (SWASA) and the New Hope Aussie Club to co-host a weekend event to expand the areas of competition open to exhibitors.

More Information

Please use the buttons at the left to discover more about the HOTASC's most recent activities and for plans and schedules for upcoming events. And again, welcome to the Heart of Texas Australian Shepherd Club Web Site.